Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your return policy?
A: For sanitary reasons, we do not accepts return. In December 2021 we will be offering regular Facebook/Instagram LIVE’s so you can see the product first hand, to you make your purchasing decision easier!

Q: How do I know what size I am?
A: This depends where the panty comes from as sizes vary in every country. We suggest you find the panty you love, check the country, and compare to a size chart online, to better understand your needs. If you are really unsure, write us and we will take a photo of the the panty and give you more detailed information.

Q: What is VPL?
A: This is a score that determines what the Visible Panty Line would be if wearing with tight pants.  Some underwear is cut specifically to allow zero line exposure. This rated LOW MEDIUM HIGH.

Q: What does the filter Amount of Waistband stretch mean?
A: We recognize every body is different, and some people need a bit more stretch in the mid section. We state whether the stretch is LOW MEDIUM or HIGH to help you better understand the garment’s flexibility. 

Q: What if I have questions?
A: Our storefront  has a chat function available during business hours should you have any questions while on the site. If you are writing after hours, someone will get back to you on the next business day.

Q: What is your packaging like? Is it labelled?
A; Our packaging is nondescript meaning there are no labels identifying what store your have ordered from. Your privacy is valuable to us. 

Q: Why can’t I use PayPal?
A: At the moment, we are unable to accommodate PayPal transactions but we do recognize many credit cards from around the world.

Q: Where do you deliver?
A: We deliver worldwide.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?
A: Great question! This is coming soon! Look for this announcement on our social media by December 2021